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All participants will need to undertake supervised cases with a mentor/supervisor. This mentor could be a sedationist or experienced sedation nurse within the practice that you work or they could work at another practice.


You will need to arrange a mentor before starting the course. To comply with IACSD guidance we will need to confirm that your proposed mentor is suitable and happy to assist you.


As part of this course you will be required to undertake self-directed learning, undertake assessment in the form of a true/false questionnaire, create and accurately maintain a sedation logbook and produce two reflective case studies. On completion of the course and mentored sedation cases you should have the knowledge and experience required to be able to work independently with a sedation dentist to provide safe and effective conscious sedation using either inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide and oxygen or intravenous midazolam.


All nurses attending the course are expected to adhere to the GDC Standards for the Dental team and to work within their scope of practice. Nurses must reflect upon their abilities and any limitations to ensure patient safety and quality of care. Advice must be sought form senior colleagues, the course organisers or their professional indemnity body where necessary.


The course organisers understand that some people work just with one type of sedation. It must be understood that if you wish to be certified that you are competent to work unsupervised in both midazolam sedation and nitrous oxide sedation you must produce written evidence in your logbook signed by your mentor that you have undertaken the required number of cases in each treatment type. A log-book is simply a record of the cases that you have nursed with. It is an important way of keeping on top of how much sedation you’re are helping with, how each case went, what the patients were like and what the outcome was.


If you practice both inhalation and intravenous sedation then your logbook should consist of 30 cases of conscious sedation. These must be:


20 cases of intravenous sedation with midazolam and 10 cases of inhalation sedation


Should you work in a practice that only provides one type of conscious sedation it is acceptable to only complete cases of that type. However, your certificate will only certify you to manage patients under that type of conscious sedation.


You will have a 12-month period after the training days to complete your mentored cases.


This is an excellent course that will prepare you to be a sedation nurse but does require a commitment to attend the entire course, complete mentored cases as detailed above and produce two reflective case studies. Once the above has been satisfactorily submitted we will issue a certificate of completion.


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